3/4 Lloyd Walnut, January ’13 – Front
3/4 Lloyd Walnut, January ’13 – Back3/4 Lloyd Walnut, January ’13 – Ribs3/4 Lloyd Walnut, January ’13 – F-hole3/4 Lloyd Walnut, January ’13 – Scroll

3/4 Violin Corner, January 2013


Product Description

41″ string length
Spruce top
Walnut flatback/sides
German trade scroll
Chromatic C-extension

This bass has been sold. F-hole pic has been lightened to show purfling and top detail.

I just have so many positive things to say about it. Getting financing through Noteworthy Credit Union was easy. Initially I was nervous about ordering a brand new bass that I had never played, but it was everything I wanted and more. Very easy to play and the sound is incredible; you can’t really ask for anything more from an instrument!
– Jeremy Barth