3/4 Lloyd Walnut, May ’12 – Front
3/4 Lloyd Walnut, May ’12 – F-hole3/4 Lloyd Walnut, May ’12 – Ribs3/4 Lloyd Walnut, May ’12 – Back3/4 Lloyd Walnut, May ’12 – Scroll

3/4 Violin Corner, May 2012


Product Description

40.75″ string length
Spruce top
Walnut flatback/sides
Chromatic C-extension

Commissioned bass by Robin Rusio of Denver, CO. With Chromatic C-extension and patina Sloane tuners.

This bass has a unique combination of clarity, richness, depth, and power.. don’t let the size fool you! As a jazz player I love it’s mid-to-low punchiness. It also has a warm, distinctive, woody voice that speaks clearly under the bow. The bass’s design and setup is extremely playable, and is overall very beautiful in aesthetic with the lines, finish, and workmanship of the figured claro walnut tonewood. While it sounded great from day one, I look forward to how this instrument will be sounding as I play it over a lifetime.” -Robin Ruscio