Waiting List

The waiting period from date of order to finish is 9 months.

Commissions of Lloyd Standard Models

Currently I am building two Standard Models: 3/4 size, 40.5″ string length, with chromatic C-extension and 7/8 size, 41.5″ string length, with chromatic C-extension. Both models are fixed-neck basses. A $2,000 deposit is required to be on the wait list. Full financing can be secured through Noteworthy Credit Union, or your own lender.

Commissions of Design Your Bass Models

For bassists wanting an instrument of their own design (travel neck, custom string length, five string, etc) then a deposit of $10,000 is required. Full financing can be secured through Noteworthy Credit Union, or your own lender.


Musician and artist-led Noteworthy Credit Union based in Cleveland, Ohio offers instrument loans at reasonable rates. This lending organization understands how musicians’ careers and income streams work. They offer the flexibility to help you afford the doublebass you deserve, and there is no penalty for early payoff. As an example, let’s finance a $40,000 Lloyd bass:
$4,000 deposit, 7 year loan= $570 per month
$10,000 deposit, 6 year loan= $533 per month
$20,000 deposit, 5 year loan= $410 per month
These figures are relative to an excellent credit rating and used for example only.


In addition to my bass models I am open to building copies of requested older basses. Contact me for more information.


All original materials and workmanship are under lifetime warranty. All tonewood used in my basses has been properly seasoned and air-dried in my shop for at least 3 years before construction.


7/8 Violin7/8 Gamba3/4 Violin3/4 Sloped Shoulder
Upper Bout21"19.75"19.25"18.5"
Lower Bout27.5"27"25.75"27.5"
Body Length47.5"47.5"45.25"45.25"