My second copy of Edgar Meyer’s bass, performed by William Deslauriers-Allain of Montreal, Canada. Pieces composed by Gliere, Silvestrov, Sperger, and Andres Martin.

The Making Of A Masterpiece: Nick Lloyd’s Bench Copy Of Edgar Meyer’s Double Bass

Tim Cobb, Principal Bass of the New York Philharmonic, performing on Lloyd #28

Setting the neck of Lloyd #59, with a great soundtrack featuring Lloyd #55. Music by Paul Kowert’s band “Hawktail”.

“Asturiana” by Manuel de Falla. Maya Ana Loncar- guitar, and Rob Catinella on Lloyd #41 (five string bass tuned solo with high D).

Lloyd #40 played by NYC bassist John-Paul Norpoth.

Lloyd #8 and Lloyd #47 played by Kaden and Mariya Henderson

Lloyd #47 in a gorgeous recital by Mariya-Andoniya Andonova-Henderson.

Lloyd #47 in J.S. BACH Cello Suite No. 3: Allemande (double bass)

Giovanni Bottesini – Elegy No. 1 for Double Bass and Piano on Lloyd #41

Adam Ben Ezra on Lloyd #19 – Downtown Blues – Live Session (Hide and Seek Album)

Elohima – Double-Bass/Looper Solo Version by Adam Ben Ezra on Lloyd #19

Kirstine & Mathæus – Rued Langgaard Suite on Lloyd #46

Mark Urness on Lloyd #29, Mary Van De Loo, piano. Faculty Recital, Lawrence University

Lloyd #19Travel Double Bass Detachable Neck – Adam Ben Ezra

Lloyd #19 on Pat Metheny & Adam Ben Ezra | And I Love Her (Beatles Cover)

Jimmi Pedersen and Morton Ramsbol on my Lloyd  #27 3/4, March 2015 and Lloyd #29 7/8, June 2015 doublebasses. Live at ISB Convention, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Sebastian Gramss on my Lloyd #29 7/8, June 2015 doublebass. Live at ISB Convention, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Adam Ben Ezra – My New Nick Lloyd’s #19 5 String Double Bass!

Adam Ben Ezra on Lloyd #19 – ISB 2013


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